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Tim "The Coolman"

Our motto is "Making Outdoor Living Livable". After 16 plus years in the pool industry building and selling pool routes, pool designing and project managing hundreds of custom pools I realized one thing...people still could not enjoy their backyards. The Texas heat and mosquitoes were the problem. With the support of my wife I created CoolMistFX Cooling & Mosquito Misting. Now,  homeowners have a solution...CoolMistFX! 

Testimonials from our Customers

Tim and the crew at CoolMistFX did an excellent job on both our cooling mist and mosquito mist systems. He was very attentive to details during the design process and made sure that we were 100% satisfied at each step along the way. He continues to check to make sure we are happy and both systems are working to our satisfaction. We absolutely love both systems; we get to enjoy our patio again.  - Don & Rene Mullins 

Great Work Tim!   This how you get to next level! - B. Cormack

We had our mosquito system installed last spring, and it has been a wonderful investment.  For the first time in years, we have been able to enjoy our back yard without being eaten alive by mosquitos.  Tim is great to work with.  Give him a call, it's well worth the expense! - Pete Aube

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