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Our 1500psi is Simply The Best!


Best in the Industry

Max 1500 psi output


Supports up to 45/80/140 nozzles

Oil Based Quiet Operation Direct Drive Tri-Plex Piston Pump

Smart Phone Controller or Remote

TEFL Motor. Total Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor with “H” class(high temperature)Rating for true outdoor use.

Added Rust Proof aircraft aluminum insulated enclosure for even more outdoor protection

Energy Efficient-uses the same amount of electricity as a ceiling fan

Includes 5 Micron commercial water filter

Wired for 110/220 

Stainless Steel Bulkhead

High Amp On/Off Switch Solenoid Rated for 1,000,000 cycles

Heavy Duty Pressure Switch-Adjustable

Flow rate adjustable with Pressure Relief Valve

Built in no water cut-off switch

Drain Valve Tee

High Pressure 1500psi Nylon tubing

Lots and lots of Stainless Steel! Built To Last.

Stainless Steel Misting Tees, Stainless Steel Anti-Drip Nozzles, Stainless Steel Couplings, Stainless Steel Elbows

Stainless Steel Mounting Clamps, Stainless Steel tubing, Stainless Steel Bulk Head

Unparalleled performance in addition to decorative looks to compliment your outdoor living space or commercial seating areas. Max 1500 PSI, High Pressure Misting System is both, effective at beating the unbearable summer heat and efficient for cooling using minimal power. With its specially designed ultra fine misting nozzles, reduces outdoor temperatures by up to 30 degrees. It is perfect for residential and variety of commercial misting applications.


A System for every budget...upgradable

Beat the harsh summer heat with CoolMistFX's Stainless Steel Mid Pressure Mist Kit. Our powerful misting system comes with industrial grade 316 stainless steel rigid tubing. Experience a cooling effect with our 250psi/1000psi/1500psi systems.

CoolMistFX has designed a high performance  cooling system for people who want nothing but the best. Combine uncompromising performance with professional looks with rigid stainless steel mist line. With its lifetime warranty, 316 grade stainless steel tubing reduces friction loss throughout the mist line and helps maintain higher overall pressure for finer mist production. Even with extreme heat, SS tubing will not lag over the years and maintain its professional looks in order to complement any decor. 

 Additionally, this mist kit is packaged with high pressure metal fittings, all stainless steel mist nozzles and SS clamps that are rated and compatible with max 1500psi high pressure mist pump if you wish to upgrade your mist system in future years.

  • Industrial Grade Rigid Stainless-Steel Tubing
  • Whisper quiet operation - 35db
  • Built in automatic water on/off solenoid Valve
  • Built in filtration
  • Outdoor Enclosure
  • Max Pressure  - 250 PSI, 1000psi, 1500psi
  • 110 VAC
  • Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Misting Nozzles
  • Re-usable High Pressure Metal Push lock fittings with adjustable mist angle
  • Stainless steel clamps