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Mosquito Misting

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How You Can Benefit from an Automatic Mosquito Control System...

When you want to take in the pleasures of your own yard – patio or pool, fun with kids or parties with adults – you deserve to do so in complete comfort. You shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of annoying insects, mosquitoes, and their painful bites. CoolMistFX brings you a mosquito misting system that effectively eliminates mosquitoes and other biting insects and lets you enjoy without any painful bites the peace of your yard.

Outdoor residential mosquito misting systems (sometimes called “mosquito misters”) are application systems designed to spray pesticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes and other insects outdoors. Misting systems include spray nozzles that are mounted around the perimeter of a home in the lawn or landscaping, or on parts of the house or fence. The spray nozzles are connected by tubing to a supply of insecticide. Misting systems may be turned on at preset intervals using a timer and they may be turned on using a remote controller when needed.

An increasing number of households have purchased outdoor residential misting systems to control mosquitoes and other insects around the home. It is very important to have a good quality of pesticide in the misting system for making it effective. Using Permethrin, Resmethrin, or other suitable Pyrethroid will give quick kill to the mosquitoes. It is indeed a very thoughtful investment as protecting ourselves from the mosquitoes is certainly going to save us money in the long run.

The use of these mosquito misting systems is a good practice as its not at all harmful for us. Most of these pesticides last only short periods in the environment, so long-term exposure to humans is not expected. Based on its assessment, using toxicity data and exposure estimates, doesn’t harm the human body but will surely take care of the harmful insects.

The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) registers pesticides that may be used in misting systems. EPA examines the ingredients of the pesticide; the particular site on which it is to be used; and the amount, frequency, and timing of its use. EPA evaluates pesticides to ensure that they will not have unreasonable adverse effects on humans, the environment, and non-target species when used according to label directions.

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Using the mosquito misting system will allow you to freely enjoy the pleasures of your patio or yard… So what are you waiting for?

Right now, we are offering a special price for our Mosquito Control System and adding FreeService for 12 months. The free service means, if you need new tubing, new nozzles, or other parts for your Mosquito Control Misting System during the 12 months from the date of purchase, we’ll provide them for free.

**Mosquitoes have a schedule: early dawn, dusk, and late night are the worst because that is when they lay their eggs. They are prolific creatures and the very best way to mitigate the problem is spraying repellent at those specific times to kill and Repel Mosquitoes.